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Armenian Wedding Portal is the only full-fledged catalog which gives you full detailed information about organizing a wedding or other celebration. Monthly the portal is viewed by thousands of visitors preparing for the wedding, birthday, anniversary or other celebration. The portal is dynamically developing: constantly updated catalog, adding interesting and useful information, opening new sections. It is important for us that visitors could find only necessary information for themselves, which will lead the happy couple to You.


  • Rent car
  • Bands & Singers
  • Toastmasters
  • DJs
  • Bridal shows

45.000 dr. for year

      • Company name
      • Logotype
      • 10 photos
      • 5 videos
      • Telephone
      • Address
      • Links to the website and social network pages
      • Opportunity to change photo and video (once every 3 months)
      • Placing information about prices and promoutions
      • Publication of information about us in our social networks


      • Sliders (min. 3 pcs.)
      • Upper banner – the placement on all pages of the website
      • Banner on the main page of the section
      • Banner on the right
      • Bottom banner – the placement on all pages of the website

6 reasons to get registered in wedding catalog

The most famous directory

We help to find clients for the companies working in the field of wedding services.

Only the target audience

The visitors of the website are people who prepare for a wedding or other celebration.

It's convenient to work with us

Feedbacks of grateful clients who have organized their celebrations through our service.

Transparent reporting

Data on visitors are registered through the analytical system - Google Analytics.

Adequate prices

The cost of attracting attention of the potential customer is less than any advertising in the media format.

The ability to stand out

Let the clients learn about your discounts and hot offers. It would be better to show your advantages.

Why is an advertising on the wedding portal beneficial?

Here we have tried to answer all the questions of an advertiser.

    • Currently the average number of unique visitors is on average about 250 people per day. We would like to note that 90% of visitors are people who came from searching engines. That are your potential customers, people looking for the latest information for the organization of the celebration.
  • Since we are confident in the quality of the offered service, and we hope that tested once you will become our long-term partner, you can make the payment within a month after the publication of information about you. Pay for advertising, you can any way you want - in cash or by bank transfer.

  • Each platform has its own advantages. Primarily our advertising is profitable at the price and is very targeted. Every day we have hundreds of people online looking for a suitable restaurant, wedding salon, a manufacturer of celebratory cakes or a professional in the field of wedding celebration. At the moment, we are the only portal, which collected the biggest base of professionals in the wedding industry.

  • We can't give concret numbers. But we can show you a small calculation for a guide. Over the last year the site was visited by more than 65,000 customers (Google Analytics data). To be added to the directory you have to pay 20 or 30,000 AMD, depends on the chosen tariff. Now let’s calculate the cost of one of the interested client. Registration on the site costs 30.000 AMD. 30.000 / 65.000 = 0.4 AMD. Printing of 1000 business cards costs 7,000 AMD. 7000 / 1000 = 7 AMD + the cost of distribution all these business cards.

    We would like to note that our site is visited by people preparing for the wedding and being of interest to buy their offerings. And now it's on you to decide if it is worth adding to the catalog.

  • In addition to registration in the catalog we also have banner advertising, publication of articles and promotion in social networks. Also, we are always happy to discuss the options of cooperation in different areas of your presentation on website.

Top 3 most popular requests from 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

people were looking for the restaurants for weddings
people were looking for the salons of wedding dresses
people were looking for the manufacturer of wedding cakes

Write us an email at info info[@] or call us at +374 96 940894 | 055 940994.

A successful advertising campaign - it's a good marketing message and a very precise targeting. If you work in the business of wedding services, it's more effective to distribute your brands in our portal than in other marketing channels.


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Wedding is a very memorable and important event in the life of each person, and its preparation requires a special approach.

On this wedding portal we have collected the most useful information for those, who organize their own wedding ceremony independently.

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